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Welcome to to the Fear Free Childbirth Lounge. This is where you can access the whole Fear Free Childbirth podcast archive as well as all the free downloads that accompany some of the episodes. But that’s not all! This is also where you can access loads more resources to help you to prepare for your fearless birth. The podcast is just the beginning!

The Fearless Mama Ship is the ultimate resource to support you through pregnancy and into motherhood. The private member area includes loads of bonus podcasts and guest interviews on a whole range of pregnancy, birth and motherhood topics. There are also courses and programs in there to help you on your way and feel supported. Find out more.

You’ll also find my signature program, the Fearless Birthing Academy as well as my collection of fear-clearance meditations. Whatever you need to help you to enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for a fear-free birth, this is where you can find it.

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